Up Your Game! - New Training with AIM!

Our webinars have been updated and will include:
  • A new length and sequence for our Beginner/Refresher courses
  • More interactivity in every course
  • New 2-session topic-specific courses that will delve into one aspect of the methodology in-depth
  • We are providing certificates of attendance for teachers who attend and participate in sessions and who require proof of attendance in the course
We are excited to offer 4-session webinars to suit your needs!

Let's get started!

-For Beginners, choose one of the following Webinars (4 sessions each) for only $179.00:

1. Let’s get talking in Spanish!

Beginner/Refresher course / Cost: $179.00 per teacher
Tentative dates are: Thursdays August 25, September 8, September 22, October 6,

In these four 75-minute sessions sessions, we will:

  • Review the key principles, strategies and techniques of the methodology
  • show how to accelerate the development of language proficiency through the Gesture Approach
  • demonstrate how to use gestures spontaneously to create authentic interactions and proficiency
  • show how rhythm, rhyme and music may effectively increase engagement and the development of language skills

2. Moving from Oral to Written
Beginner/Refresher course / Cost: $179.00 per teacher
Tentative dates are: Thursdays October 20, November 3, November 17, December 1

In these four 75-minute sessions, we will focus on how to:

  • effectively use the Partner/Group Activities Book
  • seamlessly segué from oral to written activities
  • model written activities so that students may effectively engage in partner/group activities exclusively in Spanish
  • implement systems to help students monitor their exclusive use of the Target Language only