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About Vancouver Workshop

These interactive and practical workshops will give you the opportunity to discover and try some of the AIM’s innovative techniques. Learn the unique tools and strategies used in an AIM classroom.

A wealth of topics will be covered for both new and experienced AIM teachers.

AIM is a balanced literacy approach that uses effective strategies and techniques to accelerate language acquisition. Through its multimodal design, AIM is a program that provides support for all learners with varying learning styles, intelligences and strengths. Embedded in the design of the program are many principles of Universal Design for Learning and AIM has proven to be successful at ensuring that inclusion is possible in a second language classroom.

AIM Part 1 FSL/Core

AIM Part 1 For FSL/Core teachers (for teachers new to AIM)

This entry-level training will help Core/FSL teachers new to the methodology get started right away. You will learn the gestures from your first Kit and will experience what it is like to be a student in an AIM classroom. All the basic techniques, strategies and activities (both oral and written) will be covered.

AIM Part 1 Immersion

AIM Part 1 For Immersion teachers (for teachers new to AIM)

Specialty workshop AIM Part 1 for Kindergarten/ALF Francophone/French Immersion We will work with Kindergarten teachers, Primary Immersion teachers and ALF Kindergarten Teachers to show how you may use AIM in your program to accelerate language skills and take the methodology into different subject areas!

AIM Part 1 Limited French

AIM Part 1 Learn to Speak French and Teach French with AIM - Workshop for teachers with limited French skills

Are you a classroom teacher/FSL teacher who would like to improve your French skills while also learning a successful FSL methodology?
Let us help you improve your own language skills! Learn French through a methodology that you may use to help your students really learn the language!

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • important, high-frequency words and expressions
  • how to use simple French to communicate with students
  • how to help students understand French easily
  • how to enjoy teaching French and feel successful

AIM Part 1 Spanish

AIM Part 1 Beginner Spanish

This entry-level training will help Spanish teachers new to the methodology get started right away. You will learn the gestures from your first Kit and will experience what it is like to be a student in an AIM classroom. All the basic techniques, strategies and activities (both oral and written) will be covered.

AIM Part 2 FSL/Core/Immersion

AIM Part 2** For FSL/Core and Immersion Teachers

This workshop is for teachers who are working with AIM already. We will show you how to take your implementation to a new level and will deepen your understanding of the many AIM techniques, strategies and activities!

** We require the following pre-requisites in order to register for the Refresher/Intermediate Workshop:

    -I am working on implementing the target language-only rule and have some success;
    -I am somewhat confident with gesturing/using TLSE with my class;
    -I am working on an AIM Kit, have taught with the methodology for at least one year;
    -I may or may not have attempted a Story Retelling but am ready to try.

AIM Part 3 FSL/Core/Immersion

AIM Part 3*** For FSL/Core and Immersion Teachers

It is for very seasoned AIM teachers who have reached a high level of implementation of the main strategies, techniques and activities of methodology. In this workshop we will show you how to improve your your student's creativity, work on grammar refinements and delve into other activities that appear in the highest Step Kits. You will have opportunities to collaborate and share ideas. This workshop is also for AIM teachers who have received their part or full certification from their mentor.

*** We require the following pre-requisites in order to register for the Advanced Workshop:

    -I am successful with the target language-only rule;
    - My students speak only in French. I am able to gesture everything in whole-class activities with confidence and to gesture spontaneously with ease;
    -I have completed at least two Step Kits, including all activities in the Kits and have taught with the methodology for at least two years;
    -I understand and engage my students in story retellings and extensions in each Kit and they write retellings and extensions with a partner in each Kit, Step Two and above.

AIM Part 4 Certification


This is a highly personalized course for Advanced AIM teachers who are looking to receive a certificate that recognizes their high levels of implementation of AIM. You will work with a mentor who will view your classroom video footage and student work samples and who will make suggestions to improve your practice, as needed!

  • Breakfast  and lunch are included in the conference price. 
    *Dinner Cruise is optional.
  • Snack breaks provided throughout the conference.

  • You won’t want to miss it!
AIM Summer Institute West 2020 - Vancouver BC


Find out how you can attend Summer Institute West for only $199! 

We are excited to announce that we now have four levels of training and AIM accreditation available to teachers: See dropdowns to the left of this page for full descriptions!

Give your students and your teaching practice a boost of energy or move your AIM implementation to a new level. 

View AIM Demonstration Classes! 

“If students could experience this type of learning success in every subject, we would bring education to an entirely different level for our kids! This is truly an incredible methodology.”
                                                                -Angelle Rickard, French Teacher

Date & Time

2 Day workshop August 22nd & 23rd, 2020
Time: 9:00am-4:00pm

Arrival/Package Pickup

August 22nd - Time 8:00am 

ADD ON DAY 3  Monday August 24th if you require 20 instructional hours. (See below to find out how to apply for a BC Ministry of Education bursary.)


York House School
4176 Alexandra St, 
Vancouver, BC 
V6J 2V6

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BC Ministry of Education bursaries for FSL teachers to attend AIM training!

The Ministry of Education has worked with us to develop a 2 days of live face to face training, plus six 75 minute live online webinar training sessions that will allow teachers to access the bursary to attend the AIM training totally 20 hours of training. 

For more information on the Bursary click here:  French Bursary Criteria

To apply, click here:

What is covered? Travel and accommodation plus registration fee for the workshop.

How do I receive the funds? The Ministry will confirm reception of applications and follow-up with eligible candidates. The bursaries are a reimbursement of actual costs related to the AIM training workshop, according to receipts and confirmation of enrollment

Cancellation Policy:

Up to one week before date of workshop: 90% REFUND.

No Refund if cancellation less than seven days before workshop.

Note: We have availability in all workshops unless noted as "SOLD OUT".