$375.00 $425.00
Unleash the Power of the AIM! 

For Beginner and Experienced AIM French Teachers


Thursday, August 15th, 2019 - Friday, August 16th, 2019 in Edmonton, AB.

At: The Languages Center at Woodcroft
13750 Woodcroft Ave., Edmonton AB

9:00am - 3:00pm each day

Breakfast and lunch are included in the workshop price.  Continental Breakfast @ 8:30am


This interactive and practical workshop will give you the opportunity to discover and try some of the AIM’s innovative techniques. Learn the unique tools and strategies used in an AIM classroom.

Facilitators: Wendy Maxwell for Beginner & Rhonda Murphy for Experienced


A wealth of topics will be covered for both new and experienced AIM teachers.

AIM is a balanced literacy approach that uses effective strategies and techniques to accelerate language acquisition. Through its multimodal design, AIM is a program that provides support for all learners with varying learning styles, intelligences and strengths. Embedded in the design of the program are many principles of Universal Design for Learning and AIM has proven to be successful at ensuring that inclusion is possible in a second language classroom.

Teachers new to AIM will learn:

  • gestures from Wendy Maxwell’s 'Gesture Approach'
  • how to get your students speaking French and how to establish (painlessly!) a French-only classroom environment from the very first day of classes
  • to scaffold activities to ensure maximum student confidence and success
  • to use music and choreography as part of the AIM
  • how to work with AIM plays at the beginning levels
  • how to model basic language manipulation activities
  • how to maximize use of gestures and have students talking with you at all times!
  • how to introduce story retelling 
  • how to get language production from shy and behaviourally-challenged students
  • how to correct work with an emphasis on error analysis as a way to refine grammar knowledge in context
  • how the AIM ensures that proficiency develops so that students can engage in authentic tasks right from the beginning

Experienced AIM teachers will: 

  • work in groups to discover what they know and what they still need to learn about AIM
  • review and articulate the key strategies for success with AIM
  • get hands-on practice with new, more advanced and challenging AIM  activities
  • work in groups to analyse teacher classroom videos and critique the implementation of the methodology, while reflecting on their own practice
  • learn to improve questioning techniques with AIM
  • learn to be successful with spontaneous gesturing - AIM-ifying anything we wish!
  • learn additional techniques to ensure a  target-language only classroom
  • further their understanding of AIM's three-step inductive approach to grammar
  • receive in-depth practice with AIM's most important activity  creative storytelling - retelling and extension as well as book publishing!
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Edmonton Inn and Conference Center
11834 Kingsway Ave. NW. Edmonton AB T5G 3J5

Call: 888.747.4114

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$109.00 for single rooms and $115.00 for double rooms. These rates do not include breakfast.

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