AIM for French Immersion

AIM is a content-based, four-skills approach that focuses on the accelerative language development through drama, co-operative learning, gestures, music, choreography and creative storytelling.
The AIM strategies and techniques are supported by current research in brain-based learning and overall good teaching practices. These strategies will support every Immersion teacher and will ensure that the best possible learning environment is provided. As teachers learn the AIM strategies and techniques and come to understand the methodology, they may apply this knowledge across the curriculum.
AIM helps students rapidly gain oral and written proficiency in a second language-learning context, where students have little or no language skills.


Primary French Immersion Starter Package - for Grades K to 2

Early Elementary French Immersion Starter Package - for Grade 2

Elementary French Immersion Starter Package - for Grades 3/4


Beginner Training

Experienced Training

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