Kit Portal + Portal Resources

Order your 2023 - 2024 Portal Resources here!

As we prepare for the new school year, the quickest way for you to order your Portals will be to do it yourself below!
If you have a PO and need a Draft Order sent to you, please contact Kathy.

IMPORTANT: You must login to the AIM Store (NOT the AIM Portal login) to view your verified Kit Portals, the AIM Gesture Database and other AIM digital resources here.
After logging in to the AIM store, if you still do not see the Portal resource(s) that you are looking for, please contact Kathy and we will be happy to assist you! It must be verified that you own the associated kit in order to view/purchase your Kit Portal(s) here.

Please note: You may only purchase these Portal Resources for your own personal use, unless otherwise authorized.