Enhance your AIM kit with CEFR-inspired Action-Oriented Tasks!

Our newest resource, the 'AIM Action-Oriented Tasks Resource Book', inspired by the CEFR, is designed to enhance your AIM teaching kit. Using the play in the kit as a starting point, your students will be able to successfully engage in the authentic tasks found in this book, in each of the four language areas: Listening, Reading, Spoken Production/Interaction and Writing.

If you are delivering the AIM program in full, as outlined in the books and described in our workshops, then the strategies, techniques, and content with which you are provided through this methodology will ensure that your students achieve a communicative competency that will allow them to rapidly move through language levels A1, A2 to B1 in four to five kit levels (200-250 hours of instruction). The activities in this book are not meant to replace the AIM program, but instead will allow you to ensure that your students are engaging in activities that are of the type inspired by the CEFR and as outlined in the newly revised French as a Second Language curriculum (Ontario, 2013).

In these books, you will find a series of activities that will provide you and your students with the opportunity to experience the action-oriented tasks at each language proficiency level of the CEFR, scaffolded through the known context of the play and out to manageable real-life tasks. At the A1.1 level, the lowest level of language proficiency, we have set out to ensure that the tasks are fun, while at the same time, very manageable for the students.

Included are 8 listening and speaking activities on the AIM Portal.

This book provides the foundation and practice with language skills to ensure the scaffolded development that is necessary.

View the sample activity included below: Spoken Interaction: Interacting in Conversations.