Story: Wendy Maxwell

Graphic Design: Meghan Draper & Richard Palberg

Appropriate for ages: 7-12

In this book, students learn about two unique features of Mexico - popular sports and the style and construction of Mexican homes.The colourful images and playful design of the Las casas mexicanas component of the book are highly appealing. Here, students learn about the unique building materials and how they are suited to the Mexican climate, how Mexican homes are built and their common exterior and interior styles. Furnishings and artwork found in the home are also included in the book. In the second half of the book, students have the opportunity to learn about and reflect upon the similarities and differences between their own popular sports and those about which the Mexican people are passionate. Sports found in this book include: el fútbol, las corridas de toros, el boxeo, el béisbol, and la lucha libre. Important locations, well-known sports figures, and controversial subjects related to sports such as those surrounding la corrida de toros are also explored.

You may also find this reader in our second AIM kit, ¡Hola, mis amigos! where you will discover how to fully implement our accelerative language methodology with your students. In the kit, we provide an explanation as to how to effectively introduce and work with the reader through a Balanced Literacy Approach, including suggestions for both Shared and Guided reading and writing activities.

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