• Step 1 - La poule Maboule kit *NEW 2018 Edition


    • NEW La poule Maboule Kit 2018 Edition

      In response to teacher feedback, this kit has many new features... more technology, fully-described lesson plans, focus on thinking skills and creativity!


      We're excited to now include:
      • 85 Daily Lesson Plans that include recommended entry routines, whole-Class and partner/group activities, leaving routines and student Portal review at home
      • Suggestions for developing student thinking skills and creativity
      • A wider selection of Partner/Group Activities for younger students, in easy-to-read, age-appropriate font type and size
      • Teacher Portal with 32 complimentary student logins


        The Play

        This is the adapted version of the popular fairy tale, La poule Maboule. It is the perfect way for very young student to begin a new story. They come to the new language with a known context, so that words are predictable. Lots of repetition and humor, drama, music and dance are found throughout to engage students from the very first day!

        Both Core and Immersion teachers have been thrilled with Histoires en action ! pour les tout petits, the AIM resource for young beginners. This Kit is designed for Core French teachers.
        We have a new Immersion Kit, based on La poule Maboule that you may view here:
        Aim for Immersion Package


        The Whole-Class Activities Book and associated Blackline Masters or Student Book guide you and your students through the implementation of the core methodology. You are shown how to accelerate proficiency through a scaffolded, systematic approach, so that students are able to engage in productive and interactive language activities.

        Whole-Class Activities Book (Teacher’s Guide)

        This book includes:

        • whole-class activities in five- to ten-minute segments,
        • classroom systems,
        • entry and leaving routines, and
        • 85-Lesson Overview that illustrates the intended flow of the activities in the Kit how to rotate through entry and leaving routines, how often to model each new activity, how to recycle vocabulary, when to introduce each partner/group activity and how long students typically spend in it and when to introduce the creative work with story - story retelling and extension)
        • assessment for learning blackline masters,
        • vocabulary lists and
        • game cards.

        Partner/Group Activities Book (Blackline Masters)

        Including the play, vocabulary list, language-manipulation activities, simple and more complex questions based on the story, creative writing activities and words to the accompanying songs.

        • Student Workbooks are available as an additional purchase.  
        • Student Digital Workbooks are available for 1:1 classrooms as an additional purchase.

        Big Book

        For younger classes, shared reading with the Big Book is a very important AIM activity. You may also use the e-reader of this same book, projected from the Portal.

        Program Guide

        Overview of the Principles, strategies and techniques for successful implementation of the methodology in relation to how it develops authentic proficiency through the levels as stated in the CEFR.

        Posters and Image Cards
        • Image cards of words not gestured
        • Hard-copy song and rap posters with lyrics. These also appear as projectable posters on the Portal
        AIM Kit Portal (two-year subscription)

        The Portal contains aspects of the content found in the Guides (videos, songs, e-readers, listening activities). You review the Portal in order to learn the gestures, view and learn the dances, songs and raps as well as the intended dramatization of the play. You are provided with 32 complimentary student logins, so students may review the content of the Kit at home. This will support your ability to implement the program most effectively – if students watch even 2-5 minutes several times a week, you will see a significant impact! Possibilities for parent involvement increases with the Portal. The school-home sharing has such a positive influence on student success.

        The Kit Portal contains:
        • The songs (with vocal as well as instrumental versions)
        • Fun classroom raps (with vocal as well as instrumental versions)
        • E-reader of the story with highlighted text and audio
        • Gestured vocabulary for this kit
        • Music videos
        • The play gestured for this kit
        • The play performed by students
        • A first class with AIM
        • Additional Teacher Instructional Videos
        • Complimentary access for 32 students