Kit Content

The Whole-Class Activities Book and associated Blackline Masters or Student Book guide you and your students through the implementation of the core methodology. You are shown how to accelerate proficiency through a scaffolded, systematic approach, so that students are able to engage in productive and interactive language activities.

Whole-Class Activities Book includes:

  • Fully-described activities in five- to ten-minute segments
  • Classroom management systems
  • Entry and leaving routines
  • Vocabulary lists
  • Game cards

Program Guide*

Overview of the Principles, strategies and techniques for successful implementation of the methodology in relation to how it develops authentic proficiency through the levels as stated in the CEFR.

*Included only in every Step 1 Kit

Partner/Group Activities Book (Blackline Masters)

Including the play, vocabulary list, language-manipulation activities, simple and more complex oral and written questions based on the story, creative writing activities and words to the accompanying songs

  • Student Workbooks are available as an additional purchase.
  • Student Digital Workbooks are available for 1:1 classrooms as an additional purchase.

Assessment Activities Book

  • Helps you to assess your students in the four language skills area. Test your students proficiency in this first step kit.


  • Jorge el Valeroso and El príncipe Quiere Todo

Posters and Image Cards

  • Image cards of words not gestured
  • Song and rap posters with lyrics

AIM Kit Portal (2-year subscription)


A two-year subscription comes with the purchase of the Kit

The Portal contains aspects of the content found in the Guides (videos, songs, e-readers, listening activities). Student digital workbooks available for the Portal as an additional purchase.

  • The songs (with instrumental versions)
  • Fun classroom raps (with instrumental versions)
  • eReader of the story with highlighted text and audio
  • eReaders Jorge el Valeroso and El príncipe Quiere Todo
  • Gestured vocabulary for this kit
  • Music videos
  • The play gestured for this kit
  • The play performed by students in costume
  • An authentic first class with AIM
  • Additional Teacher Instructional Videos
  • Complimentary access for 32 students

Do you have more than one class and need additional portals?


Student Workbooks

A Student Book saves a great deal of photocopying time and ensures that all student work is kept neatly in one place. Available in both hard copy and digital format on the Portal for 1:1 classrooms.

Student Workbooks

Supplementary Resources

Once you have begun to use AIM, you might like to consider resources that will enhance your implementation of AIM:

Hard copy and digital eReaders

Dance videos

Teacher Training

Initial and ongoing teacher training is key to the successful implementation of AIM. We have many options for you!

Foundations Training: A series of live online webinars to support your implementation of the Kit or to further your knowledge of the methodology

Face-to-face workshops: with certified AIM Facilitators/Mentors

Two-Day Intensive Summer Institutes: an opportunity to meet with expert facilitators and AIM teachers worldwide

Marco el Mago kit

We are very excited about the launch of the AIM Spanish series ¡Jóvenes en acción!  

In the first kit, the story, entitled Marco el Mago, is an original play full of humor, containing characters with emotionally-charged lines that will easily bring the language to life for the students. Marco is a powerful wizard, proud of his abilities, but he chooses to help only those who can do favors for him in return. One day, however, he learns an important lesson when an elf removes his powers and Marco comes to understand that his gift should be shared, most of all, with those in need.

Enhance your kit with the following extras:
Jorge el Valeroso- Reader

This is the story of Jorge,  a boy who is not scared of anything. People think he is crazy because Jorge has no fear. One day, after talking with his father, he decides to find out what fear is. First, he visits to a restaurant where he meets a group of men. They tell him that he will discover what fear is if he stays in the tower of the castle. He decides to go to the castle where he meets the King. The king explains that spending three nights in the tower of his castle would certainly help him understand what fear is. Then, he promises Jorge that if he manages to sleep in the tower for three nights, he can marry his daughter. Jorge packs some wood, matches and a ball of yarn to take with him to the tower.

Jorge comes to understand that people are afraid when they think they will lose something or someone very important to them.

Translation and Adaptation: Wendy Maxwell
Illustrations: Tom Nesbitt
Appropriate for ages: 7-12

image 1 image 2 image 3 image 4

El príncipe Quiere Todo- Reader

Prince Albert has been brought up in the lap of luxury. The more material goods he has, the less satisfied he feels. Because of his greedy nature, he becomes known as El príncipe Quiere Todo. One day, while speeding on his motorbike, he almost runs over an old man and this event triggers a sense of remorse and causes him to re-evaluate his life. One night, looking up at the stars, Prince Albert decides to become a space explorer. He returns many years later with his new-found alien friends.

Story: Jacqueline Kelly
Translation: Nohra Jacobsen
Illustrations: Jana Tubinshlak
Appropriate for ages: 7-12

image 1 image 2 image 3 image 4