• Step 1 - Salut, mon ami ! kit


    • Teacher resources 

      This level one play is an excellent entry-level story as it contains lots of repetition, rhythm, rhyme and comedy. It's the story of a boy who continuously receives incorrect advice from his friends on how to play basketball and lots of humour results. This kit floods the students with language learning to rapidly increase their fluency, confidence and motivation.


      Partner/Group Activities Book: Blackline Masters

      Including the play, vocabulary list, language-manipulation activities, simple and more complex questions based on the story, creative writing activities and words to the accompanying songs.

      Assessment Activities Book

      Helps you to assess your students in the four language skills area. Test your students proficiency in this first step kit.

      En vacances ! and Rozène : La fille qui n'était pas contente

      Posters and Image Cards
      • Image cards of words not gestured
      • Song and rap posters with lyrics
      AIM Kit Portal (two-year subscription)

      The Portal contains aspects of the content found in the Guides (videos, songs, e-readers, listening activities). You review the Portal in order to learn the gestures, view and learn the dances, songs and raps as well as the intended dramatization of the play. You are provided with 32 complimentary student logins, so students may review the content of the Kit at home. This will support your ability to implement the program most effectively – if students watch even 2-5 minutes several times a week, you will see a significant impact! Possibilities for parent involvement increases with the Portal. The school-home sharing has such a positive influence on student success.

      The Kit Portal contains:
      • The songs (with vocal as well as instrumental versions)
      • Fun classroom raps (with vocal as well as instrumental versions)
      • E-reader of the story with highlighted text and audio
      • Gestured vocabulary for this kit
      • Music videos
      • The play gestured for this kit
      • The play performed by students
      • A first class with AIM
      • Additional Teacher Instructional Videos
      • Complimentary access for 32 students

        Enhance your kit with the following extras:

        AIM Portal

        AIM is fully embracing 21st century education with our AIM Portal, which will give students tools to continue their AIM language learning experience at home, so that proficiency will develop even faster in class!

        En vacances !- Reader

        Two teenagers, Marie and her friend Suzanne, are on a holiday trip from their home in Montréal to Martinique. A series of amusing events takes place after Marie bumps into a young man named Pierre at the airport. Marie's initial reaction to Pierre is not very positive, nor does her second impression of him improve when he accidentally spills water on her during some turbulence on the plane. However, he redeems himself at the end of the story during a scuba-diving excursion.

        Story: Wendy Maxwell
        Illustrations: Ian Fry
        Appropriate for ages: 12-Adult

        1 2 3 4

        Rozène : La fille qui n'était pas contente- Reader

        This is a traditional Iroquois story about a teenage girl named Rozène from the Iroquois nation. Rozène daydreams of meeting a tall young man who will sweep her off her feet. Although her family wants her to marry Orenda, the young man from her village who loves her very much, Rozène wants more. One day, a strong, well-dressed young man arrives at her house and offers to take her away from the village. This is a story about decisions that young people must face as they grow up. It is a story that contains elements of fantasy, adventure and romance, while also giving insight into First Nations culture.

        Story: Wendy Maxwell
        Illustrations: Ian Fry
        Appropriate for ages: 12 - Adult

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