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      This play carries a good message, especially for the primary student who may often feel small at times. In this story, the youngest daughter of the family who, throughout the play is not appreciated, is the one who saves the day!

      Both Core French and Immersion teachers have been thrilled with Histoires en action ! pour les tout petits 1A, 2A and 3A, the AIM approach for young beginners. Now, Petite Pauline, the fourth-level kit, is available! This kit features a wonderful new original play by Wendy Maxwell. This tale points out that special things often come in small packages. Great new songs and raps.


      Whole-Class Activities Book

      Including whole-class activities in ten-minute segments, classroom systems, a master calendar, evaluation blackline masters, vocabulary lists and game cards.

      Partner/Group Activities Book: Blackline Masters

      Including the play, vocabulary list, language-manipulation activities, simple and more complex questions based on the story, creative writing activities and words to the accompanying songs.

      Big Book

      A beautiful large format, colour illustrated storybook of the the play (11" x 17") to read along with your students. (The play is also available on PowerPoint™)

      Posters and Image Cards
      • Image cards of words not gestured
      • Song and rap posters with lyrics
      • Storyboard poster
      Audio CD
      • The songs (with instrumental versions)
      • Fun classroom raps (with instrumental versions)
      • PowerPoint™ of the play
      • Additional reference materials
      • Gestured vocabulary for this kit
      • Music videos 
      • The play performed with TV series quality production

      Enhance your kit with the following extras:

      AIM Portal

      AIM is fully embracing 21st century education with our AIM Portal, which will give students a wide variety of digital tools to further augment their AIM language learning experience.

      JAMAIS- Reader
      A darling family pet loves his owner, Rachelle, and would do anything to protect her, or at least in its mind he would. This comical tale entertains but tugs at the heart with its story about belief in oneself.

      Story: Jacqueline Kelly
      Illustrations: Tom Nesbitt
      Appropriate for ages: 4-7

      1 2 3 4

      Ronron le chat- Reader

      We meet Ronron again, a friendly cat introduced in the reader JAMAIS. Ronron really loves his friend, Rachelle, and her beautiful house. But everything changes when Rachelle arrives home with a little kitten in her arms. Another comical story about Ronron, this time with the kitten, Minou.

      Story: Jacqueline Kelly
      Illustrations: Stan Gadziola
      Appropriate for ages: 4-7

      1 2 3 4

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