AIM Kit Portal

Here are some helpful and informative videos on how to use the AIM Portal
This is how you instruct students on entering the Portal: 
How to add students and correct work on the Portal:
Digital student book demonstration:

To get your free trial, or if you'd like to order one or more Kit Portals, please contact us at the AIM Office at 1.800.668.6288 or 604.984.0015, or email:

Digital Portal Policy (PLEASE READ):

  • Digital Workbooks for older kits - Unfortunately, our digital workbooks do not match the old/original edition (copyright 2004-2007) of the following kits: (La poule Maboule, Le petit chat cherche une famille, Les trois petits cochons, Le chat et lune, Le garçon qui joue des tours, Comment y aller ?, Boucles Violettes, Un jour bizarre, Les animaux du Bayou, L'arbre Ungali, Louis la grenouille), therefore they are only available for new/current edition kits.
  • Teachers should complete the document below where s/he must attest that s/he is the only teacher using the Kit.
  • We encourage teachers to consider purchasing the New Edition Kit (where available), published in or after 2017, so that they may enhance their ability to use AIM well and enjoy the two-year portal that comes with the Kit. With the purchase of any Current Edition Kit, teachers will receive access to their own personalized site in the AIM store, where they may order Portal resources. If you are a teacher new to AIM, you will benefit greatly from the 85 lesson plans that are only included in the New Edition Kits.

Would you like to order a Portal resource?

If you have a NEW or current edition Kit: 
  • go our dropdown menu and click 'shop'
  • click 'Digital Products'
  • then go to '*Kit Portal - Verified Customers' 
This is where you can order the Portal Resources in our AIM store. If you are not yet in our system as a Verified Customer, please call or email Kathy right away and she will be pleased to assist!

If you do not have a NEW Edition Kit, please fill out this document and email it to us.

Once completed, email Kathy at and she will be pleased to look after your order!

*The Portal Packages must match the Kits that you currently own. If you would like to purchase an AIM Kit, click below:
IMPORTANT: The Portal is not sufficient to implement AIM without a Kit. It does not include:
  • Detailed instructions as to how to implement the methodology effectively, found in the TG such as:
    • explanations as to how/what to gesture to the students 
    • all the many activities that build proficiency
    • all the many strategies and techniques and that make the AIM effective
    • explanations as to how to introduce the Student Activities,
    • how to maintain the Target Language Only, 
    • how to introduce spelling and grammar focus
    • and so much more

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