• Step 2 - ¡Un viaje muy largo! kit


    • Teacher resources

      This play is suitable to elementary students of all ages. It is the story about the misadventures of a girl from New York who tries to visit her friend in Mexico City. In the end, she makes it to his house only to find that he has already left to visit her. By the end of this kit, most students should be able to complete their own 10-page story extensions entirely in Spanish.


      Whole-Class Activities Book

      Including whole-class activities in ten-minute segments, classroom systems, a master calendar, evaluation blackline masters, vocabulary lists and game cards.

      Partner/Group Activities Book: Blackline Masters

      Including the play, vocabulary list, language-manipulation activities, simple and more complex questions based on the story, creative writing activities and words to the accompanying songs.

      Big Book

      For younger classes, shared reading with the Big Book is a very important AIM activity. You may also use the e-reader of this same book, projected from the Portal.

      Posters and Image Cards
      • Image cards of words not gestured
      • Song and rap posters with lyrics
        AIM Kit Portal (2 year subscription)

        The Portal contains aspects of the content found in the Guides (videos, songs, e-readers, listening activities) as well as digital Student Books for 1:1 classrooms.

          • The songs (with instrumental versions)
          • Fun classroom raps (with instrumental versions)
          • E-reader of the story with highlighted text and audio
          • Gestured vocabulary for this kit
          • Music videos 
          • The play gestured for this kit
          • The play performed with TV series quality production
          • A first class with AIM
          • Additional Teacher Instructional Videos
          • Complimentary access for 32 students 
          • Student digital workbooks available as an additional purchase.

        Enhance your kit with the following extras:
        34 avenue du Parc- Reader

        A fairy has lost her ability to be the free spirit that she was. But, with the help of a friend, she is able to turn things around. The story shows the importance of friendship and that we do not need to be perfect to help each other.

        Story: Jacqueline Kelly
        Illustrations: Stan Gadziola
        Appropriate for ages: 7-12

        1 2 3 4

        Zolo Zilli le jongleur- Reader

        The Zilli family is famous for their circus performances. Zolo Zilli, a young juggler wants to juggle eight bananas on a unicycle. It will not be easy but Zolo wants to beat the world record. When his sister Zozi laughs at him and says that he won't be able to do this, he starts believing that he isn't capable of doing so. This story shows that if you really want to do something and you try hard enough, you can achieve success.

        Story: Juli Powers
        Illustrations: Louie Escauriaga
        Appropriate for ages: 7-12

        1 2 3 4

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